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Online Class

Online Courses

Students must first select one of the ICCOC partner colleges as their home college and apply for admission.  Once admitted, students may enroll in fully-online "shared" or "restricted" courses offered by that college.  


All Consortium colleges offer the Associate of Arts degree completely online.  Students are encouraged to check with each individual college to determine which courses and programs are available online.

Course Offerings

Partner colleges may not offer every course and not all courses are offered every term. 


To find courses offered by a particular partner college, please refer to the college's website. 

Course numbers and titles within the ICCOC Course Schedule may contain symbols to indicate which courses contain special content or digital course materials.

MML/ML = MyMathLab may be used with the course

LL = Lumen Learning content in the course

VS = Embedded digital textbook or content billed through VitalSource

Course Syllabi

The ICCOC uses Simple Syllabus, a third-party syllabus solution, for all online classes.  Course syllabi will contain information such as course policies and procedures, grading scale and policies, technology requirements, assignment expectations and ICCOC and/or college-specific policies.  Syllabi also contain the course descriptions and course objectives as determined by the college that hires the instructor to teach the course.

Simple Syllabus Library:

  • Only completed and published syllabi show in the Library for past, current and future terms.

  • Begin searching for a course by selecting the desired term of enrollment.  Courses listed in terms with "Shared" in the title are taught by an instructor from one of our partner colleges and in which students from other partner colleges may enroll (if offered by the college).  Shared courses are listed in the ICCOC Course Schedule.  

  • Courses listed in terms with "Restricted," "eCompanion" (face-to-face) and "Hybrid" (blended) courses are taught by a partner college for its students only.  Please select the college under Organization to filter the course list.

  • Other filters available are subject (i.e. ART, BIO, MAT, etc.), course number, instructor and a general text search.​

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