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Shared Office


There are a multitude of resources and people to assist you.  Contact information and guidance is provided below.


For help you with the following, please contact Tracy Sleep at or 319-759-0497.

  • General questions about the ICCOC

  • Confirm online course enrollments

  • Check course offerings

  • Direct you to individuals and departments at your college that can best serve your needs 

Canvas Support

Canvas Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  

It provides support for technical issues within your online course such as error messages and exam issues. 

To access Canvas Support, click on the Help icon on the left-hand navigation once you have logged into Canvas. 


Students from all of our partner colleges, except Southwestern, will log into Canvas via their college portals.  For assistance with accessing your online course and/or logging in through your college portal, please contact your college help desk.  

Online Class


Your instructor is there to answer any questions that you have about your course, the course material, textbook and related software/website issues, your grades, missed assignments and other issues affecting your performance in the course.  

The Student Services staff members at your college are there to help you in many different ways including, but not limited to:

The Dean or Director of Distance Learning at your college is available to assist with any issues or concerns that you have with an online course or instructor.  The process for handling concerns about an online instructor is provided below.

Concerns About Your Instructor

The ICCOC's process for handling students' concerns about instructors are as follows: 

  1. Communicate with your instructor to try and resolve the issue.

  2. If you do not come to a resolution, contact the Dean or Director of  Distance Learning at your home college to express your concern.

  3. The Dean/Director of Distance Learning at your home college will contact the instructor or the instructor's Dean/Director of Distance Learning at the instructor's college.

College Help Desks

Each college has its own help desk to assist you with technical issues with your college portal, accessing your online courses, and logging into your campus email account.

Eastern Iowa


Iowa Lakes

800-242-5106 ext. 8383

Northwest Iowa

Sarah Fykstra

800-352-4907 ext. 262



Doug Greene

Western Iowa Tech

712-274-8733 ext. 1461

(Students enrolled in non-credit courses will contact:

Lynn Konz at

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