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Students who need and request academic accommodations for their online courses must have a Student Accommodations Plan established at their home college.  Students are required to follow the policies/guidelines established at their home college; therefore, each college's documentation requirements and process will vary slightly.


Faculty and staff must complete the steps outlined in the Academic Accommodations Process below before any accommodations are granted to online students. 

College Contacts

Eastern Iowa


Marcia Larson




Jill Holler




Jan Weis



Iowa Lakes

Jody Condon

800-242-5108 ext. 5219

Northwest Iowa

Renee Franklin
800-352-4907 Ext. 116


Angela Mickelson



Deb Pantini

800-247-4023 ext. 458

Western Iowa Tech

Michelle Fiechtner

800-352-4649 ext. 3216

Accommodations Process

  1. Student notifies instructor that he/she needs or is working on receiving academic accommodations. 

  2. Student contacts the Academic Accommodations/Disabilities Services Coordinator at his/her college to complete necessary paperwork and provide required documentation.

  3. Either the student provides the instructor with college documentation of the Academic Accommodation, or the Disabilities Services Coordinator contacts the instructor with the student’s Accommodations Plan.

  4. Once verification that all appropriate documentation is on file and the correct accommodation is requested, the instructor makes the necessary adjustments for the student within the course.

It is the student's responsibility to inform the Disabilities Services Coordinator at his/her college that accommodations are needed.

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