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Working from Home

Is Online Learning for You?

The ICCOC is committed to student success; therefore, we want to help you determine if this type of learning environment is right for you.


Online classes provide the same academic standards as traditional classroom courses while allowing students the flexibility of working on homework as it fits into their daily schedules.  


ICCOC classes are not self-paced and do have required due dates throughout the terms for assignments, projects, papers, quizzes and/or exams.


Communication and interaction between students and instructors enhance the learning experience and create a sense of community in our courses.

Time Management

Online courses require as much time (if not more time) as face-to-face courses.  It is important to schedule enough time to meet the requirements of each course.


Generally, students need to set aside approximately 10 hours per week to complete work for one 3-credit hour course.

For an 8-week term, set aside approximately 15 to 20 hours per week to complete work for one 3-credit hour course.

Needed for Success

  • Self-Disciplined and Self-Motivated

  • Strong Written Communication Skills

  • Possess On-Screen Reading & Comprehension Skills

  • Independent Learner

  • Computer & Internet Access is Readily Available

  • Comfortable Using Existing and New Technology

  • Excellent Time-Management Skills

Questions to Consider

Do you possess the basic computer skills needed to perform well in an online course?


Do you have easy and reliable access to the technology (laptop and internet) needed to participate in an online course?  Do you have a back-up plan if either fails?


Do you feel comfortable installing/working with new technology? 

Are you able to troubleshoot on your own

when an issue arises until a help desk or instructor responds?  Students must first attempt to solve problems on their own.

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