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Spring Conference

The ICCOC holds an annual conference that offers a variety of sessions for faculty and college staff for all its partner colleges.  Others are welcome to attend the conference by registering on the link below.

March 25-26, 2024
Cedar Falls, Iowa


Breakout Sessions

  • ADA Training for All

  • AI Committee Members Meeting

  • AI Discussion with the Keynote Speaker

  • AI Gold Rush:
    Prospecting for Riches in the Wild West of Artificial Intelligence

  • Assessment Meeting

  • Bookstore Saloon Symposium: Where Ideas Flow Freely

        *Bookstore Manager's Meeting

  • Brainfuse Online Tutoring: 
    Helping to Support the Support

  • Branding Those Cattle:
    Attaching Outcomes to the Course

  • Canvas Certified Educator Program:
    My Experience

  • CopyLeaks

  • Demystifying Dropout Detective'

        *Student Services, Faculty, & Administrators

  • Discipline Specific Meetings:

    • Computer Science 

    • English

    • Psychology

    • Science

    • Speech

  • Does Your OER Rodeo Need a Corral? Building Shareable Catalog of OER Content

  • Engaging All Ranch Hands in Learning

  • Games We Play: Practicing Failure through Games to Reduce Anxiety

  • How Writing Prompts Can Boost Student Engagement & Critical Thinking

  • Howdy Partner!
    Do We Need Icebreakers & Introductions?

  • I can't find a good book! - 
    Developing Your Own Texts & Resources

  • Improved Discussions & Classroom Engagement with Harmonize

Conference Registration
  • Inclusive Trails:
    Navigating Online Education for All

  • Knowmads & the Wild West of Future Learning

  • Lasso-ing Equity:
    Norton Digital Learning Tools for the Equity-Minded Classroom

  • Learn How to Stay Fit-Even if You're Sitting for Hours at a Time!

  • Let's Form a Posse and Round Them Up

         *Student Services, Faculty, & Administrators

  • Midterm Grades Reporting

         *Student Services, Faculty, & Administrators

  • OER Wrangler 101: Finding, Creating & Adapting OER is Easier than You Think

  • Panning for Gold as We Seek to Improve HS Students' Experience in Online Classes

  • Presenting Novel Scenarios to Promote Critical Thinking

  • Riding the Microcredential Frontier:
    Saddle Up for Lifelong Learning Success

  • Rounding Up "Lost" Students - Bringing in the Cavalry

  • Saddle Up for Success:
    Unleashing LMS Student Engagement and Data-Driven Insights in Education

         *Student Services,  Advisors, & Administrators

  • Spaghetti Western or Classic Film?
    Using Videos in Modules, Assignments, and Discussions for Connection & Rigor

  • Student Services Meeting

        *Student Services & Administrators Only

  • Take Care of them Young'Uns (High School Students)

         *Student Services, Faculty, & Administrators

  • There and Back Again...Feedback & Repetition

  • Uses of In Space

  • Using ChatGPT to Enhance Technical Education

  • Wrangling the Librarian:
    Information Literacy for the Online Student


  • Wrangling Wisdom - 
    Navigating the Frontier of LMS Student Engagement and Actionable Data


Session Presenters

Carol Ayres Stueven |

Iowa Lakes Community College

Gretchen Bartelson |

Northwest Iowa Community College

Holly Booth |

Southwestern Community College

Tom Borland |

Southwestern Community College

Eric Brown | Harmonize Learning

Sandra Chindalo | Pressbooks

Holly DeGrote |

Northwest Iowa Community College

Kaylee Harris |

Iowa Western Community College

Marshall Hill & Charles Lee | IntelliBoard

Amy Hueser |

Western Iowa Tech Community College

Stephen Jefferies |

Southwestern Community College

Brandon Lange |

Eastern Iowa Community College

Gianni Lecciso | Brainfuse Online Tutoring

Brianna Lyons | Lumen Learning

Kelly Marcus | ICCOC Staff

Garey Matsuyama |

Northwest Iowa Community College

Brooke Oehme |

Eastern Iowa Community College

Jen Peterson & Laurie Schmidt |

Iowa Lakes Community College

Amber Ruskell-Lamer |

Southeastern Community College

Lisa Santiago |

Southeastern Community College

Lee Skeens, Brenda Wilkins, & Jenna Dunlap |

Southeastern Community College

Tracy Sleep | ICCOC Staff

Erin Steckel |

Eastern Iowa Community College - Scott

Karl Stodden |

Western Iowa Tech Community College

Doug Sutton | ICCOC Staff

Shirley Turnis |

Eastern Iowa Community College

Theresa Umscheid | ICCOC Staff

Mark Zabawa | 

Iowa Lakes Community College

Ellie Zupancic  | W. W. Norton & Co, Inc.

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