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Spring Conference

The ICCOC holds an annual conference that offers a variety of sessions for faculty and college staff for all its partner colleges.  Others are welcome to attend the conference by registering on the link below.

March 25-26, 2024
Cedar Falls, Iowa


Conference Schedule

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Welcome Reception | 5-7 PM

Location | Hotel Lobby of the Holiday Inn & Suites

Monday, March 25, 2024

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Keynote Speaker

Session Titles

ADA Training for All

AI Committee Members Meeting

AI Gold Rush: Prospecting for Riches in the Wild West of Artificial Intelligence

Branding Those Cattle: aka Attaching Outcomes to the Course

Circle the Wagons: How to Build a Sense of Community

Data Reporting and Analytics 

Discipline Specific Meetings:

  -Computer Science 

  - Science

Engaging All Ranch Hands in Learning

Games we Play: Practicing Failure through Games to Reduce Anxiety


How Online Tutoring Was Won

How Writing Prompts Can Boost Student Engagement and Critical Thinking

Howdy Partner! - Do We Need Icebreakers and Introductions?

I can't find a good book! -  Developing your own Texts and Resources

Inclusive Trails: Navigating Online Education for All

Lasso-ing Equity: Norton Digital Learning Tools for the Equity-Minded Classroom

Let's Form a Posse and Round Them Up

Midterm Grade Reporting

Presenting Novel Scenarios to Promote Critical Thinking

Riding the Microcredential Frontier: Saddle Up for Lifelong Learning Success

Rounding Up "Lost" Students - Bringing in the Cavalry

Spaghetti Western or Classic Film? - Using Videos in Modules, Assignments, and Discussions for Connection and Rigor

Student Services Meeting

Take Care of them Young'Uns (High School Students)

Unlocking Gen Z Potential by Adapting to Individual Learners

Uses of In Space

Using ChatGPT to enhance Technical Education

Wrangling the Librarian: Information Literacy for the Online Student

The submission window for Proposals will close on October 31st!

Conference Registration

Registration will open on December 1st!



"Exploring the Wild West of Online Education"


Image by Xiang Gao



Session Presenters

Carol Ayres Stueven | Iowa Lakes Community College

Gretchen Bartelson | Northwest Iowa Community College

Tom Borland | Southwestern Community College

Holly DeGrote | Northwest Iowa Community College

Kaylee Harris | Iowa Western Community College

Heidi Hommel-Reaid | Hawkes Learning

Amy Horner & Brianna Lyons | Lumen Learning

Kelly Marcus | ICCOC Staff

Brooke Oehme | Eastern Iowa Community College

Jen Peterson & Laurie Schmidt | Iowa Lakes Community College

Amber Ruskell-Lamer | Southeastern Community College

Lee Skeens, Brenda Wilklins, & Jenna Dunlap | Southeastern Community College

Tracy Sleep | ICCOC Staff

Erin Steckel | Eastern Iowa Community College - Scott

Karl Stodden | Western Iowa Tech Community College

Doug Sutton | ICCOC Staff

Shirley Turnis | Eastern Iowa Community College

Theresa Umscheid | ICCOC Staff

Ellie Zupancic & Vic DeBouchel | W. W. Norton & Co, Inc.

Special Thank You

The 2024 ICCOC Spring Conference is sponsored in part by the Cedar Falls Tourism and Visitors Bureau!

Thank you Cedar Falls for having us in your beautiful town!

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