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Online Meeting

Student Orientation

The ICCOC utilizes Canvas by Instructure as our learning management system (LMS) for all of our online and blended courses. 

To get ready for your first online course, please take a few minutes to check out the information below and at the following links.

Accessing Your
Online Course(s)

Students will access their online courses through their home college's portal and will use the login credentials provided to them by their college.


Students enrolled through Southwestern Community College will access their online courses directly through the ICCOC Canvas portal at


If you cannot access your online course(s), please contact your home college's help desk for assistance.  


After you log in through your college portal, you will see your Canvas Dashboard.  The Dashboard helps you see what is happening in all your courses and allows you to figure out what to do next.

On your Dashboard, you will find:

  • Course Cards for your current, active courses or courses you have "starred"

  • All courses can be seen under Courses > All Courses

  • Global announcements 

  • Activity stream that shows recent activity in all of your courses

  • Link to your calendar


In Canvas under Account in the left-hand navigation, you will be able to do the following:


  • Upload a picture or avatar to your profile

  • Add additional email addresses

  • Add your cell phone number to receive text messages

  • Set your notification preferences

Proper Communication

Please remember to use proper written communication skills when sending email messages to faculty and staff:


  • Use complete sentences, capitalization and punctuation

  • Reference the course name or number in which you are enrolled

  • "Sign" your messages with your first and last name

  • Remain respectful and follow the guidance provided in the Student Ethics Statement & User Agreement

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