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College Students

Student Ethics Statement & User Agreement

All online students must abide by the conditions set forth in the Student Ethics Statement & Usage Agreement as shown below.

My Approach


As a student of an Iowa Community College (College), I will abide by all rules and regulations published in the student handbook of the college at which I am enrolled and by the Iowa Community College Online Consortium (ICCOC).  

I agree I am subject to the jurisdiction of all codes of conduct, disciplinary procedures, and policies established by the College to address violations of rules or the honor code of the College.  As a student, all assignments I submit to the professor and all tests I take shall be solely performed by me, except where my professor has requested participation in group projects.  I will not submit plagiarized work nor work which otherwise violates copyright laws of the United States of America. 

As a student user of online courses, I will respect the privacy of other users (student and instructor) in the same manner I would like to be respected, and respect the integrity of the computer systems and other users' data.  It is my responsibility to respect the copyright protection of licensed computer software.  I will not intentionally obstruct, disrupt, or interfere with the teaching and learning occurring on the website through computer "hacking" or any other manner.  I understand I could be held liable criminally or civilly for any such wrongful actions I undertake. 

I agree that any issues or misunderstandings with the instructor shall be addressed first with the instructor and, without resolution, would proceed through the applicable procedure of the College through which I am enrolled, most likely with the Administration/Dean at my College.  I understand that my online course environment is not the proper venue for such individual disputes.

I will not harass, stalk, abuse, or attack any student, professor or administrator using the ICCOC online system or any other computer system utilized by the ICCOC or its partner colleges, and in a manner that violates College conduct policies and expectations.  This includes, but is not limited, to the use of profanity, harassing written or oral comments based on a person’s protected class (race, sex, disability, religion, etc.), and unwanted sexual advances or intimidation.

As a member of the ICCOC community, I will be held accountable not only for engaging in lawful conduct, but College standards as well. Enrollment does not confer either immunity of special consideration with reference to civil and criminal laws.  Disciplinary action by the College may not be subject to postponement on the grounds criminal charges involving the same incident have been dismissed reduced or are pending in a civil or criminal court.


This learning management system and websites comprise and contain copyrighted materials.  All course material within the online course shell is the exclusive property of the faculty and/or the College or, at times, a Publisher or Third-Party provider of content.  The course delivery system is the property of Instructure.  This online system is solely provided for the use of students and prospective students of the ICCOC.  I may not distribute, publish or use the materials, audio files, images or design or any part of the materials, audio files, images or design of this online system and website inconsistent with these intellectual property and proprietary interests.  I am only authorized to view copy and print documents contained within this online system and website, subject to my agreement with the following:

  • My use is for the performance of coursework as required by the professor teaching the course for which I have officially registered;

  • I will display all copyrighted notices and retain any material contained on this website, including but not limited to the "look and feel" of the course delivery system and the functionality of the course delivery system;

  • I will not copy the course delivery system for any commercial or personal purpose;

  • I will not copy any codes or graphics, except those graphics used in courses, subject to the above terms;

  • I will not share any information about the functionality of the courses with any party outside of the ICCOC system;

  • I understand I am subject to the Copyright laws of the United States of America, and will not violate these laws. Any use or copying will be consistent with these laws.


Instructure and the ICCOC accept no liability for any inaccuracy or breakdown of Instructure or its functions.  Instructure and the ICCOC accept no liability for any losses caused by any use of Instructure or any information contained in the website/online system.  Instructure services are provided "as is," without any warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.  I assume all risks associated with the use of the Instructure website/online system.

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